Berkley Outboard Motors – Efficient, Affordable, Reliable

A strong outboard motor is an essential part of many boating experiences. For any boat needing an outboard there are a few essential features you need to be aware of:

  • Good propulsion to move your boat around
  • Easy to start every time – even with intermittent use
  • Reliable motor that needs minimal service
  • Low running cost

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2 Stroke 4 Stroke Electric

Franklin Marine’s Quality testing experience

With over 35 years experience on just about every kind of boat, you can imagine that we have pretty much ‘seen them all’! And we’ve had some exhilarating – and some scary experiences too. when out on the water, safety should always be your top priority. A reliable outboard is an essential part of keeping you and your crew safe.

Franklin Marine recommends

We’ve reviewed and tested the Berkley range extensively and have been very impressed by the quality as well as the value for money. You will find a Berkley for just about any boat, either as a main or as an auxiliary engine.

Berkley Outboards at Franklin Marine
‘Berkley Outboard Motors offer you a lightweight, simple and economical solution to your propulsion needs.’

Reliability and Support

Berkley offers great parts and support and there are plenty of great quality aftermarket parts if needed.

  • All Berkley Outboards come with a 24 month warranty, to ensure you have peace of mind when taking your boat out.
  • The 3.5hp short shaft is a great companion to small tinnies and dinghies, weighs only 13kg and can be operated without a boating license in Tasmania and many other states.
  • If you want a fast tender, you may be interested in the 5hp short shaft single cylinder with top tank and the ability to fit an external auxiliary, and both forward and reverse gears.

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2 Stroke 4 Stroke Electric

Pre-Delivery service

At Franklin Marine we pre-deliver our engines, meaning that your engine is ready to go right off the bat!

Let us show you the workings of your new motor and how to get long, reliable and economical service form it.

Berkley 2-Stroke 3.5hp Outboard MotorDo you need more power?

Though you are required to have a licence, the Berkley 5hp is more powerful, but at 21kg still light enough to take on and off of a boat yourself.

A motor for every boat

Just let us know about your boat and we’ll be able to discuss your needs and help you make the right choice.

Long shaft versions are popular on smaller traditional deeper keel wooden boats, and serve as a viable alternative to expensive inboard engine restoration.

Yachts and cats find the 9.8 two and four stroke engines a good economical re-power option.

For bigger boats, 15, 25, 30, 40 and 60hp models are available in many configurations and options in two and four stroke.

Berkley outboard are available with tiller steer & forward control; electric start and power tilt are also available on some models.

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2 Stroke 4 Stroke Electric

Give our friendly team a call on (03) 6266 3768 for more information on Berkley Outboard Motors.

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