If you have ever been on a canoe, you may have noticed that while it was a great idea for a small fishing trip – it was probably quite unstable and scared you with the thought of falling into the drink.

We understand that the point of having a floating vessel is to keep you dry – which is why we only supply and recommend the best.

In the case of canoes, there are two that qualify – Old Town’s Saranac 146XT and NEXT.

Old Town | Saranac 146XT

The Old Town Saranac 146XT is a spacious and steady two-seater canoe.

Key Features

  • Two comfortable seats make a great day out on the water with a friend.
  • Dry Hatch to store precious items.
  • Extremely stable, meaning you will stay where you intend to.
  • Centre bench seat
  • Storage trays & cup holders
  • Two carry handles
  • Rod holder



Length: 4.4m
Width: 0.91m
Weight: 35.8kg
Capacity: 330kg


Old Town | NEXT

The Old Town NEXT is a one-seater canoe that offers extreme comfort. Available in four colours.

Key Features

  • Lightweight one-person design
  • Works with both double bladed and single bladed paddles.
  • Low profile three layer hull.
  • Removable Element seating system offers enhanced comfort and performance.



Length: 3.96m
Width: 0.74m
Seat Width: 0.53m
Material: 3-Layer Poly
Weight: 22.2kg
Capacity: 204.1kg

For more information about these canoes, please contact us on 6266 3768 or

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