Craker Start to the Trout Season!

by Franklin Marine on August 16, 2017

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The trout season opened last weekend – and by the reports coming in, it was an absolute cracker of a start!

The benign weather over winter has resulted in calm waters – resulting in good fishing conditions this season.

Martino from Aqua Grill Wrapped with his catch!

Most of the anglers who went fishing since the start of the season came home with a feed – after throwing a lot of their catch back for another day.

The upper reaches of the Huon are fishing well as usual, with the Russell and Arve rivers giving up trout.
The lakes are also fishing very well, so it’s worth the short drive north for a different fishing experience from a boat or the bank.

Berkley soft plastics are doing most of the damage – with gold hard body lures and Wooly Bugger flies also being mauled.

Safety first!

Please carry an EPIRB or PLB if you are going fishing in remote areas where you will not have phone cover.
Family should be informed of your fishing plans before you leave – the water is still very cold!
Always wear a life jacket near water – better safe than sorry, no matter how many times you have done it before.

Fresh water licenses are required to fish for trout – they are available with a Fresh Water Fishing Guide from Service Tasmania, online and in-store at Franklin Marine.

It’s been great seeing everyone come into the store to kit up for the new season with both traditional and the latest trout gear.

Franklin Marine Fishing Gear

So dust off the trout rod, the waders and creel – its time to go fishing!

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