Fishing Boat Fit Out

A Stainless Fit-Out Transforms A Fishing Boat

Fitting out a boat with stainless steel is more than ‘the look’, especially on a fishing boat. Each fitting needs to be practical and suit the purposes of the boat. At Marine Stainless standard fittings can be purchased but if your boat requires a stainless item that is not available, it can be custom built.

Here you see a nude Haines Hunter, a popular Australian fishing boat, which was gradually fitted out by various trade companies. The Haines Hunter is so popular amongst fisherman because of its seaworthy hull and the strength of the hull.
It arrived at Marine Stainless ready for the stainless work, some of which was custom made.

Marine Stainless then fitted:

  • A custom bow rail
  • New bow roller
  • Sarca 6kg anchor
  • Anchor line and chain
  • A centre console rail onto which was fitted LED navigation lights and GPS antenna
  • Fishing rod holders
  • Interior lights
  • A custom boarding ladder that folds down over the bow to enable climbing onto the front of the boat when launching from a beach
  • Other accessories as well as marine electrical work on the boat

The silversmith client loved his ‘stainless jewellery’. Went well with his trade, he thought.
There is absolutely no doubt that stainless fittings enhance a boat but care has to be taken that boating safety comes first.


The accurate placement and consideration for the regular use of fittings are given extra consideration by the Marine Stainless team.

Deal with the team at Marine Stainless and you are dealing with a team of very experienced boating people.

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