Innovative Stern Rail For Storage Of Inflatable Boats

With over 95% of boat owners using inflatable dinghies as their smaller means of transport it stands to reason that there needs to be a very good system for storage without compromising other facilities needed on the boat.

Storage room is one thing but another is the importance of being able to launch the dinghy with minimal fuss and bother.
Marine Stainless has designed innovative solutions to address this problem.

Laurence and his team have developed a specially designed rack that attaches to the stern rail for holding the dinghy and special systems have been devised for holding them down. These systems can be bought off the shelf, or for the larger boats they can be custom made.

The Stern Rail Benefits

The specially designed stern rail allows for security and safety while boarding and travelling

  • It also acts as a mounting point for a BBQ and serving table/cutting board which can be made to suit the colours of the vessel. There are options to have both a serving table and a cutting board or just use the one as a dual purpose piece of equipment
  • A custom gas bottle mount can be made as part of this system with the gas hose covered in stainless mesh to match the fit out
  • A clamp-on outboard motor holder or rack which clamps on to the stern railing solves the problem of storing the outboard motor
  • Marine Stainless has its own exclusive range of 2” stainless steel mounts that clamp on to the stern rail.

With the specially designed stern rail, all of these accessories can be utilised at the same time.
This is the perfect solution to storing the dinghy and having full use of the top deck.

Call the Marine Stainless team to enquire about a custom solution for your boat. Phone 02 9939 0122.

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