A successful submission from Franklin Marine – supported by the Franklin boating community – for funding to establish more navigation marks on the The Huon River, has been successful – and we’re happy to report that the new marks have now been installed!

The funding for this project came from the MAST Recreational Boating Fund, which puts your boat license fees to good use by investing in local boating safety projects such as these.

The aim was to establish more 5 new navigation marks on the formerly difficult Port Huon to Franklin route up The Huon River.

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The trout season opened last weekend – and by the reports coming in, it was an absolute cracker of a start!

The benign weather over winter has resulted in calm waters – resulting in good fishing conditions this season. [read more…]


With winter closing in on the Huon Valley, we are once again being met by chilly evenings and mornings.

Of course, no chilly evening or morning would be complete without a thick blanket of fog rolling down the river!

Fog burning off to reveal Franklin Marina#franklinmarina #hobartandbeyond #franklinmarine #huonriver #cartella

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This makes for a good photo (if you can brave the cold!) – but what if you get caught out in your boat as it rolls through (and subsequently impairs your vision)?

Boating in the fog (or in any conditions that impair your vision) can be dangerous – but here are a few pointers to keeping safe on a cold morning or evening on the water:

  1. Anticipate if it will be foggy.
    • The BOM (Bureau of Meterology) publishes weather forecasts on their website. Keep an eye on your local forecast – the page usually explicitly states “morning fog & frost” on the right hand column. Click here to see the BOM website.
  2. Know your position.
  3. Use your senses.
    • No noise distractions – ask your crew to be quiet & TURN OFF THE STEREO.
    • Turn off the cabin lights – let your eyes adjust.
    • Use head torches with a red light option.
    • Get out of the cabin and listen to the shore.
  4. Fog horns!
    • Fog horns are great if you are in an area with traffic.
    • There are international sound signals – see the picture on the right.
  5. Light up the stage!
    • Keep your navigation lights on at all times – even during the day.
  6. Screens
    • A good plotter will help if the charts are up to date and accurate (see why we recommend Navionics Platinum Plus here).
    • Radar is obviously great if you’re lucky enough to have it.
    • Don’t get caught up in the screens! Use them to supplement your navigational skills – not as a replacement for them.




So that’s it – be careful and you will ghost out of the fog.
Did these tips help you? Please let us know in the comments – and please do share any of your tips for boating in the fog. We would love to hear them!


Just a quick update from your local America’s Cup enthusiast…

NZ has taken the cup, beating the Aussie crewed (8 aboard) USA Oracle!

The Kiwis can decide were and what the cup will be sailed in, as is there right under the rules.

Italian team Luna Rossa has been involved with the Kiwis secretly, with the owner and his yacht club in Sardinia being the challengers on notice. First to get in after race.

Usually waiting at finish line with an envelope!

As Ian Murray did in San Fransisco and later pulled out.

So may be sailed in Sardinia but probably in Auckland which would be great – lets GO!

Some say that it’s back to mono hulls as the cats are amazing but not something most can relate to as a sail boat.

Team NZs boat was controlled and flown as a Fighter Jet is – that’s how they won, on technology and great sailing.

So it may be back to the future and be sailed in Super Twelves as shown below.

Sailing Magazine wrote a great article on the topic – which you can check out by clicking here.


Courtesy of sailmagazine.com


Our winter training season kicked off last week with a great group of 9 people attending Marine Diesel Engines for Beginners.

The class consisted of three “cruising couples” who are planning their trips north to warmer climes, as well as a few folks who had boats for local use – and one who is fitting a new engine.

We heard stories and saw some great photos of modern fibreglass boats with Volvo, Yanmar and Beta engines in various conditions and stages of life.

As usual, the women in the class were enthusiastically changing fuel filters, impellers, bleeding the engine and most importantly – having a go!

So if you’re eager to learn more about your engine and its systems so that you know what to do if you find yourself in trouble, now is the time to book your spot in the next class.

There are also a number of other training events that we’re running this season.

There are various dates covering June, July, August and September with another still to be added in October.

Click here to see the available workshops and register online.


We hope the Easter Bunny treated everyone well this year, and you enjoyed your weekend off!

While we don’t stock chocolate or hot cross buns, we are celebrating the Easter spirit in another way…

Get 20% off all fishing tackle* – and enter the draw to WIN a $50 Franklin Marine Gift Voucher for every purchase over $100 before the 23rd of April (the week after Easter).

Gift Certificate Easter 2017

To enter the draw, just make sure your name and contact details are entered into our system when you make your purchase.

That’s our Easter gift to you – save 20% while stocking up on lures, rods, reels, flounder lights, fishing knives, nets, line, floats, sinkers, jig heads, gaffs, spears, trace, leader and much more – and have a chance to win $50 for every purchase over $100 before April 23rd.

Franklin Marine Easter Fishing Promotion

The winner will be contacted directly, published in the Huon News and announced on our Facebook page on Wednesday the 26th of April.

Good luck – don’t forget to share this with your friends so they can SAVE and WIN too!

*Sale applies to stocked items only. Excludes frozen bait and some other items.


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