New Rail Attachments

Space Is Paramount – Use Your Stern Rail To Advantage

When designing boats great care it taken to make sure movement around the boat is as unhindered as possible to ensure safety and to make life on a boat more comfortable.

At Marine Stainless endless effort has been made to find ways that improve the many available systems that can be used for overall benefit.

Bring Your BBQ with you when you sail

BBQ’s for boating needs have improved out of sight over the years and they are compact, excellent in design and do a fantastic job of cooking anything you wish to throw on (of course, a certain amount of the success depends who is on the end of the tongs!)

Marine Stainless have new stainless steel mounts that will hold up to 75kg of weight. These are exceptionally strong clamps and it means that one clamp will securely hold in place nearly any BBQ that you would wish to mount on your stern rail. Alongside this you can mount your gas bottle as well and keep the whole set-up nice and compact.

Cutting Board or Small Table?

Keep your cutting board up and out of the way by having it attached to the front of your BBQ. It is just where you will want to use it and there is no fuss and bother about having it on the deck or on the seating.

Clamp the Outboard Motor

Clamp it and forget it. This is the beauty of having these clamps on the stern rail. You can attach your outboard motor and forget all about it until you need it again. It is not underneath a floor board, nor tied down out of sight and difficult to get to.

Having your outboard motor clamped to the stern rail means it is right there and ready to go at the click of your fingers. Bingo! And you are in the water and on your way.

Utilizing all available space is well taken care of by the Marine Stainless team.

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