We believe through training you will achieve a better understanding of the complex systems on your boat.
You will learn the basics of how your systems work, so that you can maintain them for safety and economy.
Over the last twelve years, we have had many students who have been empowered to take their boats where and whenever they wish.
Below you will see our recent and upcoming training events.

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Marine Diesel Engines for Beginners

JUNE 25th – 2017
SEPTEMBER 24th, 2017

Marine Diesel Engines for Beginners

Yachting can be fun, but it can also be dangerous, especially if you break down on a lee shore with no wind.

The practical one day hands on course covers:

  • How a marine diesel really works
  • Bleeding your fuel system and changing fuel and oil filters
  • Easy ways to identify potential engine problems and avoid them
  • Basic engine electrics – power and battery systems
  • Understanding exhaust systems and why (and how) they are critical

And much more!

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Shipwright Skills and Boat Preparation Workshop

20th August, 2017


Shipwright Skills

Learn the basics of
  • Marine Electrics
  • Anchoring Systems
  • Fastenings
  • Setting up for Short Handed Sailing
  • Tools & Spare Parts to Have Aboard
  • Rigging Checks
  • Bilge Pumps & Plumbing
  • Safety Equipment for Offshore
Get one-on-one advice specific to your setup from an expert who has done and seen it all.
FREE morning tea and a FREE course Handbook!

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Marine Electrics for Beginners

Marine Electrics for Beginners

Spend a full day using your hands to learn all about Marine Electrics… A perfect compliment to the knowledge you’ll take away from Marine Diesel Engines for Beginners.

New for 2017.

1st October, 2017


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The Secrets of the Bosun

Hands-on learning day all about tying knots, splicing, whipping, swaging & line handling.

Refreshed in 2017.

10th September, 2017


  • Modern and traditional ropes will be explained
  • Synthetic and natural 3-strand rope splicing
  • How to splice new double braid rope
  • Cleats, clutches, ‘v’ & cam jammers explained
  • How to service a rope clutch
  • …and many more of the Bosun’s Secrets!

Visit the Course Information Page for more information.


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