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No Second Chances You never know when you are going to need it but you will be glad you have the latest and greatest safety equipment when the time comes. When it comes to safety don’t take any chances because you may not get a second one.


Fishing Boat Fit Out
Fitting out a nude hull. At Marine Stainless standard fittings can be purchased but if your boat requires a stainless item that is not available, it can be custom built.


Anchoring In Tight Locations  Sarca anchor proves to be the anchor to use when limited area is available.



Fitting Shackles to your Sarca Anchor A comparison between using shackles or swivels for the Sarca fitting. A guide on what to use for the safest option.


Great Bow Roller Marine Stainless custom make bow rollers if the off the shelf ones do not do the job for you. Having the correct bow roller is essential for successful, easy deployment and retrieval of your anchor.


New Rail Attachments When designing boats great care is taken to make sure movement around the boat is as unhindered as possible to ensure safety and to make life on a boat more comfortable.


Innovative Stern Rail For Storage Of Inflatable Boats With over 95% of boat owners using inflatable dinghies as their smaller means of transport it stands to reason that there needs to be a very good system for storage without compromising other facilities needed on the boat.


Why Choose A Sarca Anchor For Sail And Power Cruising Yachts The design of the anchor is such that it has no moving parts and does not waste energy on extra lead or cast iron weights. This means that weight is more effectively used in structural strength and extra blade area for greater holding power.


Use a Sarca Anchor and don’t Drift at Night! The Sarca anchor sets within a meter range which is unheard of with most anchors. Ron says that with hundreds of tried and tested sets right around Australia over a 7 year period, the Sarca anchor never dragged once! Could you say that about any anchor you have had on your yacht?

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