All about anchors, dont drag at night!

If you want to sleep at night make sure you get your anchor gear correctly sized for your boat.At Franklin Marine we specialize in anchors, chain and anchoring accesories.We stock anchors for tinnies, fishing boats motor boats and yachts.Sand anchors, plough, anchors and the Sarca range of new generation anchors for the ultimate in holding power.Chain, rope, shackles, bow rollers and swivels all in stock.
Anchor windlasses and winches fro Muir and Maxwell, we also have a fitting service for all electrical needs.

​If you have ever pulled a big anchor and chain by hand, you will certainly appreciate your anchor windlass or winch! An anchor windlass lives a tough life – up on the bow in the spray with steel chain and lots of DC current running through. It needs to be able to haul up the weight of the […]

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Local Cray boat anchored off Cockle Creek in Rocky Bay, next to Reserche Bay. Former stop-over for round the Horn Tall-Ships and Whalers, now a favorite camping spot for locals and yachts anchoring. History Note: In 1792/93 Frenchman, Bruni D’Entrecasteaux visits Van Diemen’s Land, charting the Derwent River, which he names Riviere du Nord. The party […]

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Three shackles that look similar – with very different prices! The high priced one ($238.40) has a break load of 19,000Kg!! That one is suitable for anchoring 30 tonne + vessels.      

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Muir Windlasses & Anchoring Accessories

by Ian Kuhl on May 12, 2009

in Anchoring

We’re always looking for great quality anchoring accessories and windlasses for our customers and their boats that we work on. There’s an important relationship between good design, great equipment and the right product for the right situation. Safety and seaworthiness are always paramount – and looking good is the icing on the cake! Check out […]

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