A successful submission from Franklin Marine – supported by the Franklin boating community – for funding to establish more navigation marks on the The Huon River, has been successful – and we’re happy to report that the new marks have now been installed! The funding for this project came from the MAST Recreational Boating Fund, […]


With winter closing in on the Huon Valley, we are once again being met by chilly evenings and mornings. Of course, no chilly evening or morning would be complete without a thick blanket of fog rolling down the river! Fog burning off to reveal Franklin Marina#franklinmarina #hobartandbeyond #franklinmarine #huonriver #cartella A post shared by Franklin […]


This is a call to action for all our mainland friends in Sydney and northwards, our friends in Melbourne, Adelaide and the west. It’s time to get ready to cruise south for that trip you have always planned. If you are returning for another cruise you may wish to visit the more remote and alluring anchorages such as Port Davey, Bathurst […]


During the local “Swiftsure” regatta the row boats race around Egg Island. Seen here are “Grebes” being raced by keen locals the race was won in 2012 by Robin Jarrett.


Sunrise on the Huon River warning of strong winds to come Sure enough 5 hours later we had 30knots.


Port Huon Southern Tasmania

by Ian Kuhl on November 25, 2011

in Franklin, Huon Valley, Tasmania

Looking down the Huon river towards Port Huon from Castle Forbes Bay


Red Dawning Sailors Warning

by Ian Kuhl on September 5, 2011

in Franklin, Sailing Adventures

With a warm Northerly blowing this dawn over The Huon River In Tasmania it gave the clue to a Southerly Front on the way. Sure enough 15 minutes later in it came – not a strong one though! One reef in the main and a number three would have been enough! In Tassie, the strength […]


Franklin Locals Riding Past Marina

by Ian Kuhl on August 7, 2011

in Franklin, Franklin Marina

Eco transport around Franklin on Sunday morning.


Legendary wooden boat Olive May, currently being lovingly restored by Sean Langman, cruising past Franklin on her way home. Village of Franklin in the background. Olive May is the oldest boat in current commercial survey she had her 100 th birthday recently. Now the boat is rigged and ready for charters, and is quietly on […]


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