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by Ian Kuhl on October 24, 2015

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Rope has always been a passion here for us at Franklin Marine and we have long been working hard to satisfy our customer’s demand for a wide variety.

Rope has proven to be very popular with our customers. In response, we have greatly expanded our rage to meet your needs.

The Christmas gift that just keeps giving!

Red double braid makes a great gift wrapper!

We sell Australian-made Double Braid and Venetian Blind (V.B.) cord, which is popular amongst yachtsmen, fisherman and a growing variety of fans who use it for tying loads on their vehicles.

Australian made rope has great UV and strength properties – traits that often aren’t found in the cheaper, Asian-made rope that you normally would find in the general hardware store.

As a result, Australian-made rope has become our customer’s product of choice.

We have found our customers are bored of only red, blue and green fleck on their double braid – so we also stock solid colours so you can brighten up your boat.

Having different coloured control lines can really help with identifying the right rope in a hurry.

Australian Rope, Mooring Equipment and Floats

Franklin Marine “Lolly Wall”

Far superior to their Chinese alternatives, high quality Korean-made silver rope and PPE fishing line are what we choose to stock.

Both traditional and imitation manilla rope are in stock for that special wooden boat.

Shock cord and shock cord accessories and swages are available from 3-7mm.

Stainless steel rigging and balustrade wire and components compliment our wide rage of rigging services.

A wide variety of swages are available in copper, alloy and stainless steel. Swaging service is available.

Netting twine is popular for local orchard nets but also has a wide variety of uses – including binding rigging with the tarred variety.

We also have a wide variety of boat fenders and mooring floats, top ropes, swivels and chains.

So if you are short of a rope, a line, a lanyard, sheet, halyard, stay, lifeline, downhaul, uphaul, vang, traveller, outhaul, topping lift, reefing line, anchor line or even a craypot line – we can surely help you with some quality rope at very competitive prices.

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