Trailer Maintenance

by Ian Kuhl on June 14, 2014

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Your boat isn’t going anywhere near the water without a trailer, and that’s why it is crucial to keep it maintained and in good nick.

Dual Wheel, Multi Roller Boat Tailer

Dual Wheel, Multi Roller Boat Tailer


The average trailer only lasts about five years according to industry figures.

This is due to the fact they are regularly dunked into salt water where electrolysis/rust is an issue.

Nothing worse than getting the bait, kids, wife and your gear all packed in the boat on your one day off to have a wheel bearing fail halfway to the ramp with much smoke and noise.

The off-season is a great time to get your boat trailer serviced.

There are many serviceable parts on a trailer, all of which are cheap to replace and easy to fit.

The mechanical parts that need service are the wheels and wheel bearings, brakes, springs, couplings and winches.

Wheel bearings need to be replaced regularly; usually every two years.

Make sure they are well greased. Some people fit a “bearing buddy” auto greaser just to be sure.

Two common sizes of wheel bearings are Holden and Ford.

Trailers with 13” wheels and 7/16” (11mm) studs and nuts are Holden (HR).

Generally, 14” wheels with  ½” (13mm) studs are Ford, although some 14” wheels are Holden (HQ).

Rusty trailer chassis should be de-rusted, primed and painted with cold galvanising.


The electrical parts that need service are tail, clearance and number plate lights, cables and plugs.

Trailer lights and plugs are a very common problem. Old style bulb lights regularly fail and plugs get damaged.

Fitting new LED sealed tail lights is the easy way to solve the problem.

The most common trailer plug is the flat 7-pin system with a flat plug and socket.

A new plug will often solve many problems.

Look out for damaged cables that may not be working.

So have a good look over your trailer to make sure it is roadworthy and ready for fun!


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Be sure to come in today for some friendly trailer maintenance advice and a great cup of coffee!

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