Using a Landing Net Properly to Secure your Catch

by Ian Kuhl on October 6, 2017

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Hauling in a fish with a landing net sounds like child’s play, doesn’t it? Not quite. You’d be surprised to know how often things go wrong in those heated moments of excitement.
When your biggest catch makes it into view after a wreslting match, your natural instinct tells you to yank it out of the water as quickly as you can. Unfortunately, that can, and regularly does, end badly.

Before getting your net wet, remember that using a net to secure a fish is nothing like catching butterflies. No amount of swooping, swooshing, dipping or scooping will get you anywhere.

Now we have that out of the way, here are the three basic steps to landing a fish with a net successfully:

  1. Put the net in the water, fully submerged so that the back of the hoop (where the handle connects) is sitting flush with the surface.
  2. Using your rod, bring your fish to the net and swim it in head-first. It is possible to do it yourself, but ideally you would have someone to hold the net or the rod for you. (Hint: If you need to reel in more line, hold the net under your arm.)
  3. Relax pressure on the line as soon as the head of the fish and half of its body is over the front of the net hoop. This should cause the fish to swim deeper into the net, allowing you to smoothly lift the net out of the water – with the fish in it!

Here are a few netting tips:

  1. Never chase a fish with a net, and never attemp to net a fish tail-first.
    • Fish can swim much faster than we can move a net through the water, so this will almost always end in misery.
  2. A larger net with a wider hoop can be easier to use.
    • For fish over 20kg, no net is going to be any use. Always carry a gaff just in case you get lucky with that fish of a lifetime.
  3. When shopping for a net, make sure you find one that is well made and has a study handle.
    • As discussed above, a larger net can be easier to use, so try and find one on the larger side.
    • Also consider a knotless net as they are nicer to fish and also less likely to tange with loose hooks.
A good net can be a significant investment for your tackle collection, but it can and will prove worth it if used correctly.
Franklin Marine stocks quality fishing nets and gaffs.
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