“VARG” – -8 metre class racing Yacht-Rebuilt by Wilson Brothers Cygnet Tasmania.

by Ian Kuhl on September 21, 2011

in Franklin Boats


“Varg ” an 8 metre racing yacht  designed by Anker and Jensen  in 1924 Norway.Raced in Sydney before and after the WW2.


Current replica being built to original line drawings for Kraig and Carolyn Carlstrom (pictured ) by Wilson Brothers.


Raced in Sydney before and after the WW2 from R.S.Y.S.


Don,t worry about gourmet farmers in Cygnet ,who rowed past our Chandlery in last weeks episode-we could have helped him with tackle!


Wilson Brothers are The Gourmet Boat Builders who have been building in Cygnet since 1870’s.


More photos of this delicious offering to come.


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