How to Update your Navionics Card Online (Easy 10 Step Guide)

by Ian Kuhl on February 7, 2017

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If you have purchased a chart plotter in the past few years, chances are that you have a Navionics Chart Card installed in it.

Did you know that you can update your navionics card to show more accurate data in more locations?

Why should I go to the hassle of updating my navigation card?

On Navionics+ and above you can receive the latest soundings of many bays, rivers and fishing spots that have been sent in by the boating community, cross-referenced by Navionics and then made available as an update to your chart.

For example, the Huon River is not charted officially North of Port Huon.
Rodney Van-Den-Brink charted the river for us on his Raymarine Dragonfly and sent the files to Navionics.
Now the Huon River is now available for anyone with a Navionics+/Gold/Platinum card or the Navionics Boating app.

This feature is called SonarChart and needs to be turned on after you update your card. Click here to see how to turn on SonarChart on your device.

Today I’ll be running you through the simple process of updating your Navionics Chart Card so that you can make the most of these great features.
This guide assumes that you either have an active Navionics Freshest Data subscription or have purchased your Navionics Chart Card in the past 12 months.

NOTE: Do this on the dock BEFORE you start your trip. You don’t want to get caught on an anchorage with no charts in the rare case something goes wrong with the update process.

Step 1

Power off your chartplotter and carefully remove the Navionics Chart Card from the device.



Step 2

If your Navionics Chart Card is ‘microSD’, insert it into the adapter that came with the card as pictured.


The size of a microSD Card

The size of a microSD Card

Step 3

Download or launch the Navionics Chart Installer from this link. If installing for the first time, follow the prompts provided on screen to complete the installation and then continue with step 4.


Step 4

Follow the prompts provided on screen to insert your Chart Card into the computer. You may require a USB Card Reader to do this, which is provided in the box with every new Navionics Chart Card.


Step 5

Log in or create a Navionics online account. If creating a new account, follow the prompts on screen and then continue with step 6.


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Step 6

Choose your Chartplotter amongst the list to ensure the update is compatible with your device and then click continue.
Not sure what model your chartplotter is? Give us a call on (03) 6266 3768 and we’ll help you identify it.


Step 7

You may be presented with this screen after choosing your chartplotter model. Click continue.


Step 8

Ensure all of the boxes are ticked under ‘UPDATE’.
You may also wish to upload your Sonar Logs if you have any. To do this, tick the boxes under ‘UPLOAD’
After making your selection, click ‘Start’.


Step 9

This step can take a while depending on your Internet connection and the size of the update. Do not interrupt this process as it may damage your chart card.


Step 10

Congratulations! If you see this screen (or something similar) you have successfully updated your Navionics Chart card!

Remove the card from your computer as well as the adapter and carefully re-insert the card into the device.
Ensure that the card is inserted the right way up, as inserting a card in the wrong orientation can damage both the card and the chartplotter. 


Did this article help you update your Navionics Chart Card? Please share your results in the comments so that others can see!

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