A successful submission from Franklin Marine – supported by the Franklin boating community – for funding to establish more navigation marks on the The Huon River, has been successful – and we’re happy to report that the new marks have now been installed!

The funding for this project came from the MAST Recreational Boating Fund, which puts your boat license fees to good use by investing in local boating safety projects such as these.

The aim was to establish more 5 new navigation marks on the formerly difficult Port Huon to Franklin route up The Huon River.

The new five extra marks mean the ever increasing local and visiting boating community can now easily and safely navigate the river up to Franklin in vessels up to 3 metres draft at high tide.

The two marks closest to The River Port of Franklin are lit – giving a comforting blink in the night.

The satellite image below shows the positions of the new marks.

Huon River Nav Marks Google Earth Image

See the Latitude & Longitude to put in your chart plotter below.

  • Number 1 – lit port pile in position 43 degrees 05.927S, 147 00.493E. Light characteristic – Fl R 5s

Huon River Mark #1 2017

  • Number 2 – lit starboard pile in position 43 degrees 06.344S, 147 00.197E. Light Characteristic – Fl G 5s

Huon River Mark #2 2017

  • Number 3 – port pile in position 43 07.156S, 146 59.873E

Huon River Mark #3 2017

  • Number 4 – starboard pile in position 43 07.366S, 146 59.912E

Huon River Mark #4 2017

  • Number 5 – starboard pile in position 43 degrees 07.914S, 146 59.563E

Huon River Mark #5 2017

This route is also covered on our web application Navhuon – available for free for mobile, tablet and laptop/desktop computers by clicking here. We’re working on adding the new marks as we speak.

Details were also sent to the Electronic chart company Navionics – so update your phone plotter app and chartplotter charts (community edits) shortly to get all the marks on your phone and chartplotter.

The Franklin Marine Crew & Franklin Boating community would like to extend a big thank you to the team at MAST for their great efforts in making this important safety project happen.

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