The MAST BoatWISE Buddy – A Must Have on Any Boat

December 3, 2016

Franklin Marine is passionate about safety. Our staff spend a lot of time researching, advising and selling the right equipment to keep you safe on the water. We keep our margins slim to keep you safe. For example, an Australian Made KTI EPIRB with GPS is only $290. Whether you are in Tasmania or interstate, […]

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Taking Your Pet Aboard

October 5, 2016

Many of us have at least one faithful companion with four legs. Going boating for the day, weekend or longer can be difficult if you haven’t got a babysitter for your little mate. Depending on the pet and boat, it can be very rewarding taking them along with you.

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No Second Chances in Tasmanian Waters – Wear and Use the Best Safety Gear

August 19, 2016

Imagine yourself on a windy late afternoon sailing or motoring down wind up the coast. Looking for that next headland which should have a light on it. The crew are below cooking. With the southerly and dark coming in, you think you had better go forward and secure a sail or gear. Autopilot is on and you don’t […]

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Passage Making at Night – Tips for Staying Safe

August 16, 2016

There are times when you need to make you way down channels at night. Long offshore passages inevitably mean traveling at night. Certain extra precautions need to be taken into account when on the water in the dark. Some gear is essential, like navigation lights and a good compass with light to steer by. A […]

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Wiring up an Auto Bilge Pump in 10 Simple Steps

July 2, 2016

Having an automatic bilge pump on your boat or tender is an easy way to keep water out – as long as it is installed correctly. Many people want to have an automatic pump but have trouble with the installation. If this sounds like you – you’re in luck! This article will run you through the […]

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Why Should I Cover My Trailer Boat?

June 12, 2016

With winter approaching fast, if you are not using your trailer boat, it’s a good time to fit a boat cover. Trailer boat covers protect your investment when the boat is parked. UV rays can degrade fibreglass, timber and Vinyl surfaces badly. Fitting a good cover prevents this and also keeps out things such as […]

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Emergency Coastal Navigation – Don’t Get Lost!

June 5, 2016

  Emergency Coastal Navigation With the coming of GPS (Global Positioning Satellites) navigation plotters and fancy ways to get home by pressing a button, simple piloting skills are unfortunately becoming lost. The old skills in navigation are now not common to many boating people under the age of fifty. Should the ‘magic box’ fail to […]

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Boat Maintenance: What to think about over the off-season

May 21, 2016

We have noticed an increase in boat maintenance jobs since the Federal Election was called… Coincidence? Probably – but we prefer to say that people are choosing to refit their boats rather than watching the election! We agree – and think this is a better time than any to start preparing for your winter maintenance! Maintanence to […]

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EPIRBs and PLBs – Which one will save your life?

May 4, 2016

An EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) or PLB (Personal Locating Beacon) has one purpose – to save your life in an emergency – and to get you back home to your family by sending your geo-location to the search and rescue teams at AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority). What’s the difference between an EPIRB and […]

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Life Jackets… A Crucial Safety Device That Could Save YOUR Life!

May 4, 2016

Life jackets are an essential piece of safety gear that are designed to keep you afloat should you (or your child) get knocked overboard. Adult lifejackets are rated in floatation units called Newtons (N) – with 150N being the mandated floatation for an adult lifejacket intended for use in coastal waters. Children’s lifejackets are rated […]

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