Simple Fuel System Checks to Keep Your Marine Diesel Healthy

by Ian Kuhl on April 16, 2016

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Your Diesel Fuel is your Boat’s Blood
Good Fuel  = Healthy Engine 

Marine Fuel System Basics

  • Fuel tanks should be clean and full. Try not to run tanks too low, as this makes it easier to pick up water.
  • Use a quality fuel additive each time you fuel to prevent algal growthFuel Filters on Shy Alba
  • Tanks must be well secured in the boat.
  • Always have a combination primary fuel filter / water trap and an engine fuel filter.
  • Primary fuel filters should be changed regularly – the same time as an oil change – every 100 hours. Secondary filters may not require changing as regularly.
  • Some engine filters can be replaced with a standard fuel filter / water trap unit, e.g. CAV.
  • Keep spare fuel filters (plus two extras!) in a clean and dry place, in a plastic bag.
  • Use only high quality fuel lines. They must be clean, internally and externally, and easily removable with quality twin hose clamps.
  • Check your fuel tank breather line is not blocked or letting water in. Check deck fillers to see if the o-ring is sealing correctly.
  • Makes sure you know where the engine bleeding points and the fuel lift pump are and how to bleed the engine if it runs dry.
  • Don’t rely solely on your fuel gauge; use the logged fuel taken aboard and hours run to check. Sight Gauges and Dipsticks are great.

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Tips to prevent ‘Diesel Bugs’Shy Alba Engine Room

  • Keep a constant eye on the condition and colour of your fuel. If it goes dark it could be getting the ‘bug’.
  • Always use a biocide fuel additive when refueling, this prevents ‘Diesel Bugs’. These is a specific algae that grow in fuel tanks and they can rapidly block fuel filters.
  • Ask around for the best fuel dock that sells fresh diesel with biocide added to their holding tanks.


How about you? Any more fuel system tips you’d like to share – or war stories you have learned from?

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