Franklin Marine Recommends: NAVIONICS PLATINUM PLUS

Navionics Platinum+ multi-dimensional marine charts take the navigational experience to a whole new level (literally), with 3D view, an integrated aerial imagery layer and port photos. Enjoy perspective well beyond that available from traditional charts while viewing harbours, marina entrances, and surrounding topography. Consult geo-referenced Coast Pilot as well as coastal points of interest conveniently while underway.

If you don’t venture far beyond your homeport, Platinum+ XL size charts have all the same Platinum+ features, but for a smaller area. Platinum+ charts are eligible for Navionics Freshest Data which now includes their new SonarCharts layer.

Franklin Marine have tried and tested many forms of navigation over the years (including the old paper and lighthouse method) and have never seen anything like the 3D rendering of depth elevations, integrated high resolution satellite images, aerial photos of harbours, marinas & lakes, community edits, sonar logs, powerful mobile app and the 2,000 daily updates that Navionics Platinum+ brings to the table.



[wp_cart_display_product name=”Australia North & West (60) – Platinum+ XL3″ price=”556.30″ thumbnail=”″ description=”From Esperance Bay to Halifax Bay. Including North Great Barrier Reef, Torres Strait, Gulf of Carpenteria, Melville Island, Joseph Bonaparte Gulf, Shark Bay, Perth.” var1=”Card Type|MicroSD|CompactFlash”][wp_cart_display_product name=”Australia South (61) – Platinum+ XL3″ price=”556.30″ thumbnail=”″ description=”From Perth to Wollongong Harbour. Including Great Australian Bight, Spencer Gulf, Gulf ST, Vincent, Kangaroo Island, Bass Strait, Furneaux Group, King Island, Melbourne, Adelaide.” var1=”Card Type|MicroSD|CompactFlash”][wp_cart_display_product name=”Australia East & North (62) – Platinum+ XL3″ price=”556.30″ thumbnail=”″ description=”From Cape York Peninsula to Bass Strait, Tasmania. Including Furneaux Group, Lord Howe Island, Great Barrier Reef, Coringa Islands, Brisbane, Sydney, Deboyne Islands, Milne Bay, Melbourne and Norfolk Islands.” var1=”Card Type|MicroSD|CompactFlash”]

Can’t find the area you’re looking for? Send us an email ( and we’ll track it down for you!



[wp_cart_display_product name=”Australia Melbourne/Tasmania (133) – Platinum+ XL” price=”368.55″ thumbnail=”″ description=”Melbourne and Tasmania” var1=”Card Type|MicroSD|CompactFlash”][wp_cart_display_product name=”Australia Brisbane to Sydney (135) – Platinum+ XL” price=”368.55″ thumbnail=”″ description=”Brisbane to Cape Howe including Sydney” var1=”Card Type|MicroSD|CompactFlash”][wp_cart_display_product name=”Australia Queensland (136) – Platinum+ XL” price=”368.55″ thumbnail=”″ description=”Cleveland Bay to Brisbane” var1=”Card Type|MicroSD|CompactFlash”][wp_cart_display_product name=”Australia North East (137) – Platinum+ XL” price=”368.55″ thumbnail=”″ description=”C.York to Cleveland Bay” var1=”Card Type|MicroSD|CompactFlash”][wp_cart_display_product name=”Northern Australia (138) – Platinum+ XL” price=”368.55″ thumbnail=”″ description=”Gulf of Carpentaria to Cockatoo I., including Darwin” var1=”Card Type|MicroSD|CompactFlash”][wp_cart_display_product name=”Australia Beagle Bay to Perth (139) – Platinum+ XL” price=”368.55″ thumbnail=”″ description=”Beagle Bay to Perth” var1=”Card Type|MicroSD|CompactFlash”][wp_cart_display_product name=”Southern Australia Perth to Melbourne (140) – Platinum+ XL” price=”368.55″ thumbnail=”″ description=”Perth to Melbourne” var1=”Card Type|MicroSD|CompactFlash”][wp_cart_display_product name=”New Zealand (160) – Platinum+ XL” price=”368.55″ thumbnail=”″ description=”New Zealand” var1=”Card Type|MicroSD|CompactFlash”]

Can’t find the area you’re looking for? Send us an email ( and we’ll track it down for you!

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