Wet weather boating gear with layers – for cold Tasmanian waters

by Ian Kuhl on May 4, 2012

in Marine Safety, Sailing Adventures

With the cooler weather upon us it is time to look at clothing and wet weather gear to wear when out on the water. It can get cold on the water at any time of the year in any area but especially so here in Southern Tasmania. If possible wear multiple layers of fibre pile or fleece clothing to build up a barrier to the cold, these fabrics do not hold water when wet like cotton does.

Old fashioned wool is also a good wind breaker, neck warmers stop the cold wind and water getting in, as does a beanie to keep warmth in your head. You can always peel layers off if you get too warm but once you get cold you start to lose attention to important details and navigation skills.The top layer should be a good pair of waterproof Bib and Brace trousers and a good waterproof jacket. Some modern jackets are made of breathable waterproof fabrics –  these allow moisture to get out but not in.

Many people wear Stormy Seas type jackets, these are great in summer but tend to let water in around where the arms zip off.  If you use a waterproof jacket with a PFD yoke over the top you will have a fully waterproof set-up.

Good sea boots will keep your feet dry and warm. Always wear boots a size bigger so you can kick them off if you end up in the water and they start to fill up.

Storing your extra clothes in a waterproof bag will keep them dry for that long cold trip home after a big day out. So layer up and keep on boating!



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