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MAST has recently installed five new navigation marks in the Huon River to assist boaters in getting to Franklin safely.

For your convenience we have prepared the interactive map below which shows you the locations of all of the Navigation Marks in the Huon River.

The two most northern marks are lit, flashing every five seconds.

Press the fullscreen button (pictured below) to open the map in Google Maps on your phone, just make sure you have the Google Maps app installed.

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While there are no official government charts covering the Huon River north of Port Huon, Navionics SonarChart and Community Updates cover the river in great detail.

You can get the Navionics Boating app on your phone or tablet – and you can update your Navionics Chart Card in your Chartplotter to see the new data.
Just make sure you have SonarChart and Community Updates enabled!

On your smartphone or tablet:

  • Press the “Navionics” button and then tap “SonarChart” (pictured below)

Navionics Button SonarChart Button

Click here for information on how to turn on SonarChart on your Chartplotter


We’ll be getting some new aerial photographs to cover the Port Huon to Franklin route shortly.

These photos will be put into a “photographic guide” that will help you get an idea of the landmarks to look out for along the way.

Check back here shortly to see this guide.


Franklin Marina is a traditional, fixed-berth marina that has deep draft, secure piles and a flood prevention barrier. It is a short, flat walk to the chandlery, shops, hotels and restaurants.

It is the perfect calm water anchorage you have been looking for as a respite from rolly, open anchorages.

The Huon River is a tidal freshwater river. The water at the marina is brackish meaning it’s great to help the barnacles fall off the bottom of your boat.

Please call the Marina Office on (03) 6266 3768 ahead of time to ensure we have a spot for you.

Franklin River Port Map


The Huon River is an active river; sand and mud banks can change.

Large logs do come down river and usually become lodged on the edge of the channel – rarely do they sit in the middle.

During floods, which can last two to three days – strong flows can be expected.

Warnings are always issued for flood levels well in advance of river issues. The river can rise up to a metre above MHW (Mean High Water).

Franklin high tide is close to Hobart tide times, though some local anomalies do occur. Franklin Marina is a haven for floods and has a log protection wall on the upstream side.


If you get stuck and need any help navigating your way through the Huon River, feel free to give us a call on (03) 6266 3768.

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