Franklin Marine stocks a wide range of quality marine parts to suit all your boating needs.Trailer boats, motor boats and yachts are all catered for.
One of the biggest selections of stainless fittings in the state, you will find Rope, Mooring equipment, Outboard fuel tanks and fittings, PFD jackets and yokes.
Wide range of kids life jackets in all sizes even for the four legged variety! Marine, deep cycle, sealed and vehicle batteries.Oars and paddles in all the sizes with Rowlocks too.Marine paint and antifoul in International, Jotan, and Hempel. A whole wall of marine electrical parts and cable! Flares and Safety equipment, rope and splicing, lots of knives for boating hunting and fishing.Radio aerials and bases.Stainless bolts and screws.Rigging wire and swaging service.Anodes for hull and shaft. Pumps and plumbing, hose for fuel, engine and water.And MUCH MORE.  

Call us or drop in to get your hands on some great gear!

We supply…

Rope:- Silver, fishing rope various lays, yachting braid, anchor warps, traditional manilla, dock lines, V.B.cord coloured and white, netting twine, shock cord, Nylon, mooring rope, Splicing service available.Wide range of sizes and colours in stock.Reel and coils at discount pricing.

Chain:- Anchor chain, general chain, stainless chain, black mooring chain, tested trailer chain, animal tether chain.

Shackles:- Galvanised bow and dee. Tested galvanised bow and dee. Stainless bow, dee, wide, long, captive pin, halyard and hex drive pin. Black bow and dee.

Stainless  fittings:- Huge range of stainless deck, rigging, cabin, hatch, rings, screw eyes, ring nuts, ring bolts, hinges, latches, hasp and staple, saddles, webbing saddles, pulley blocks, cleats, bollards, deck fillers, hatch rings, chain hooks, chain swivels, rigging swivels and much more a whole wall full!

Stainless Fastenings :- self tapping screws, bolts and set screws metric and imperial threads in various head styles, threaded rod, stainless batten screws, split pins, hitch pins, grub screws, rings, rivet nuts, tube nuts, ny-lock nuts, pop rivets and more!

Stainless balustrading:- rail fittings, rigging, turnbuckles, wire, bases, terminal ends, tube nuts, wire grommets, and tube all in a wide range of sizes.

Stainless canopy fittings:- tube ends internal and external, tube knuckles, tube clamps,fixed bases, hinge bases, custom canopy bows made to measure.

Stainless Rigging:- rigging fittings, turnbuckles, toggles, swage studs, swage eyes, swage forks, life lines, clevis pins, ring pins, copper hand swages, thimbles, rigging wire in 1 x 19 and 7 x 19 roll swaging service and tool hire, copper ferule swaging sevice and tool hire.Swage tool and cutters for sale.

Mooring:- chain in black and gal, large rope  -splicing available, mooring floats, large gal and stainless rope thimbles, swivels tested and gal, large shackles.

Batteries:- Marine starting and deep cycle,automotive starting, fully sealed deep cycle for boats and canoes, ride on mower, alkaline, battery cable, battery lugs, automatic smart battery chargers, battery boxes, battery hold down clamps, battery terminals, battery metres, battery cables made to measure, load testing service.

Electric Pumps :- Submersible electric bilge pumps, fresh water pumps, deck wash, oil pumps, fuel pumps.

Manual pumps :- Bilge, galley and engine oil pumps in a variety of styles.

Floats:- large range of foam, deep sea, inflatable, commercial fishing, solid and cray pot floats.

Fenders:- large range of fenders, all inflated with spliced lanyards, ball and tube, fender covers available, dock fenders available.

Boat hooks; alloy telescopic in standard and long, wooden handle in standard and long, boat hook heads in plastic ,alloy and stainless.

Franklin Marine supplies and recommends the leading brands below. Call or email for all chandlery parts.

We also have a wide range of marine plumbing systems in stock at our  chandlery. You will find quality marine electrical components, cable systems and supplies.

We recommend and supply marine electronics from

Raymarine Electronics

Franklin Marine recommends and supplies quality marine equipment from the following marine suppliers.

A good anchoring system should hold your vessel in all winds and bottom types, it should be safe and easy to operate, be frequently checked and well maintained. This will give you peace of mind on anchor at night.

An anchoring system comprises: a quality modern anchor, galvanised or stainless anchor chain, connection-shackle or swivel, tested short link, a bitter end point for chain, a sturdy bow roller to suit the anchor size and the boat, a chain/anchor locking system (to prevent anchor movement at sea), an anchor windlass (winch) – electric, hydraulic or manual, winch power and switching systems, secondary anchor and rode for stern or emergency, chain snubber claw and line for at anchor.

  • Chain locks, turn buckles and devils claws, hawse pipes
  • Bow roller fittings – custom fabricated to suit
  • Anchor windlass specification and supply
  • Chain counters, deck switches and remote stations switching, gypsy supply, reversing solenoids
  • Fitting of anchor windlass, switch gear, bow rollers, anchors and chains
  • Anchor shackles – tested, galvanised and stainless
  • Swivels and chain connectors
  • Bronze bow rollers machined to order
  • Roller axles and compression tubes
  • Bow roller mount prodders for code zero and mps
  • Chain plates and attachments for yachts
  • Bow cleats and bollards, fairleads and hawse holes, standard and custom

Continued Anchor Advice…

Why Choose A Sarca Anchor For Sail And Power Cruising Yachts
The design of the anchor is such that it has no moving parts and does not waste energy on extra lead or cast iron weights. This means that weight is more effectively used in structural strength and extra blade area for greater holding power.
Use a Sarca Anchor and don’t Drift at Night!
The Sarca anchor sets within a meter range which is unheard of with most anchors. Rex says that with hundreds of tried and tested sets right around Australia over a 7 year period, the Sarca anchor never dragged once! Could you say that about any anchor you have had on your yacht?
Plan your emergency anchorages before leaving base. That is all part of planning your cruise. When using a Sarca anchor you will be able to take advantage of the super-high holding power and be able to use less scope.
AlwaysAlways be prepared for every eventuality! Carry a second anchor on board in case you lose your main anchor for any reason.
Avoid hull damage and accidental anchoring by securing your anchor before heading to sea. Relying on your winch alone is not enough!
Enjoy Better Boating With A Sarca
There should be no compromise when selecting your boats anchor. Design, maximum durability, holding power and reliability are all paramount traits in the best anchors, and we find these needs surpassed in Sarca Anchors.

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