Why Should I Cover My Trailer Boat?

by Ian Kuhl on June 12, 2016

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With winter approaching fast, if you are not using your trailer boat, it’s a good time to fit a boat cover.

Trailer boat covers protect your investment when the boat is parked.

UV rays can degrade fibreglass, timber and Vinyl surfaces badly.

Fitting a good cover prevents this and also keeps out things such as leaves, dirt and bird droppings.

Nothing worse than finally getting time to go boating and having to spend an hour cleaning out the boat before you go.

Boat Covers will Keep your Boat Protected this Winter

Leaves and pine needles can work their way down into the bilge and can block your drain bungs and bilge pumps.

This can be dangerous and cause failure of a vital pump if you are unaware.

It’s simple and cheap to fit a storage cover to keep your boat clean and tidy over the off season.

Boat covers for towing are made of stronger material and have advanced tie down systems.

These protect your boat whilst stored or travelling.

Boat covers are sized according to the length of your boat.

Storage covers are priced under $150, towing covers at around $50 more.

Boat covers are also a good security device as they hide any valuable equipment you may have onboard from potential thieves.


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