Use a Rocna Anchor and don’t Drift at Night!

As with many boating features and boating chandlery, far better and safer products have been produced over time.
Rocna is no different. Designer of the Rocna anchors, Peter Smith, says picks, claws and ploughs are a thing of the past. So too is ‘bad anchoring’. No longer do you have to think that you will experience bad anchoring.

Peter has been building, racing and cruising yachts since the early 1960’s and after 100,000 nautical miles still believes that the Rocna anchor is the best he has ever used.
The Rocna anchor sets within a meter range which is unheard of with most anchors. Peter says that with hundreds of tried and tested sets right around New Zealand over a 7 year period, the Rocna anchor never dragged once! Could you say that about any anchor you have had on your yacht?

Terry Miller had Marine Stainless install a Rocna 15 on his 35’ Cavalier yacht “Emily Anh”, along with a custom made additional roller.

Terry cannot speak highly enough of the anchor during recent use:

“The Rocna has been one of the best things I ever bought for peace of mind while cruising. It has proved itself now on several occasions where we needed it to dig in quickly and hold tight under adverse conditions. We find it easy to deploy and it sits nicely on our bow roller”

Once you are out there amongst the weather and in all conditions, you need to feel totally safe, especially at night when you put the anchor down.

When deciding on anchors it is important to consider anchoring in extreme conditions because this is when you will most want your anchor to hold. Just choosing for everyday use is not the way to think with your anchor and accessories requirements. A good anchor solutions is part of your safety systems.

If you have any questions at all regarding the correct anchor for your use, feel free to contact us at Marine Stainless.

Happy and safe sailing

~ Laurence

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