Why Choose A Rocna Anchor For Sail And Power Cruising Yachts

Paul and Marianne Willems, SV Zilver (Netherlands)

Says of the Rocna anchor:

“Performance is perfect! We’ve anchored on sand, weed, mud, current, light winds, strong winds, storm – it doesn’t matter. It sets immediately and stays where you drop it…”

The demands on anchors for offshore cruising boats are such that performance and reliability are paramount.

This is the market for which Rocna was initially developed and has gained such rapid market acceptance. Consistently outperforming the competition in every area, demand for Rocna continues to grow.

History of the use of the Rocna anchors proves that they set within a 1 metre range and when anchoring in stormy weather that has huge benefits. The superb and consistent performance of the Rocna gives yachties and boat owners peace of mind knowing that the crew and boat are safe at anchorage.

The design of the anchor is such that it has no moving parts and does not waste energy on extra lead or cast iron weights. This means that weight is more effectively used in structural strength and extra blade area for greater holding power. Each Rocna uses only the finest quality steels and is individually hand-built to give you a product second to none.

Reports are consistently coming in about the fact that once the anchor is embedded it is there to stay.

Editor’s Log, Yachting Monthly

“Our biggest ever group test with other 100 pulls in three different locations over three days using a sophisticated digital load cell…..The revelation of our tests was the superior performance of the new generation of roll-bar style anchors from Down Under – the New Zealand-designed Rocna….”

Peter Smith spent 20 years sailing the world and has sailed various yachts but his one true complaint was finding an anchor that did not give any problems. He has used every type of anchor known to man. Soft mud areas such as the English East Coast, the Chesapeake and the Delaware Bay presented particular problems.

With this in mind Peter set out to design a full-proof anchor. Even the prototype successfully endured a circumnavigation of New Zealand with hundreds of uses – that even included 70 knots for 10 days off Stewart Island.

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