Latest canoes and kayaks from leading manufacturers.

Canadian style canoes are always popular, we have some of the latest models developed in these comfortable style of canoe.
Kayaks have come a long way, many new models for fishing and recreational are now available.
We only stock quality brands with a good reputation.
We stock Old Town canoes from USA, Ocean Kayak from NZ, Necky kayaks from NZ, Feel Free kayaks from Thailand .
Paddles , seats, leashes, rod holders, kayak rods, dry bags, wet suit boots, transport trolleys and more.
Electric motors make it easy to get home after a long paddle we stock Minn Kota and Water Snake motors, sealed batteries, smart chargers and battery boxes

This audio is an excerpt from our weekly “Fishing and Boating Show” – click here for more about the show. Most boats should have at least a neutral buoyancy. This means that a boat should continue to float, even when it is full of water and upside-down. A boat must meet this requirement for it […]


Franklin Marine is passionate about safety. Our staff spend a lot of time researching, advising and selling the right equipment to keep you safe on the water. We keep our margins slim to keep you safe. For example, an Australian Made KTI EPIRB with GPS is only $290. Whether you are in Tasmania or interstate, […]


Life jackets are an essential piece of safety gear that are designed to keep you afloat should you (or your child) get knocked overboard. Adult lifejackets are rated in floatation units called Newtons (N) – with 150N being the mandated floatation for an adult lifejacket intended for use in coastal waters. Children’s lifejackets are rated […]


Fishing Rod Holders

by Franklin Marine on September 1, 2012

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  These handy devices come in a wide variety of styles, mount options, construction and price points to suit many types of boats and fishing methods. A rod holder is designed to hold your fishing rod or gaff in a variety of places. You can use them to store your rods at home or in […]

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A great canoe for the Huon Valley – our best seller, favoured by most of our customers for stability and comfort. Smart Canoe Design The designers started from scratch with the new Saranac family of canoes and, by narrowing the shape and slightly lowering the seats they have developed a model that paddles better than most recreational […]


Sandy, Jane and Laurie on the Huon River going for a morning paddle. In an Old Town Predator fishing canoe good for lots of gear or three Franklin Ladies.


Proud Owner with his Old Town Predator 150 Canoe fitted with Honda 2.6 hp air cooled outboard. And with oars & rowlocks, this canoe is perfect for fishing the Huon River at Franklin, Tasmania – or on your favorite waterway. The canoe can easily be transported on the roof of a car… for go anywhere fun!


All American canoe with new seats

by Franklin Marine on July 8, 2011

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